Award winning Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand is cooking up a storm across the nation with her television series "Dip In Kitchen" aired on B4U Music.

She is Co-Owner of the famous Brilliant Restaurant in Southall and author of the "Beyond Brilliant" cook-book and also runs her very own cookery school. Dipna has an exclusive partnership with Restaurant Associates and Levy (part of the Compass group) for whom she is brand Chef for a Punjabi range of dishes she has created for the company. Her "Dip In" videos which are now available across her social media channels, showcase her delicious recipes proving the secrets of cooking Indian food and innovative recipes can be mastered within minutes and how simple it is to create magic in the kitchen.

Dipna is also a Guest Chef Lecturer in Catering and Hospitality at The University of West London, a demo Chef and is working on her range of ready meals called DAMM. Her passion and dedication in the food world keeps her striving higher and this enables her to continue her food journey.