Healthy Options

Healthy Options at The Brilliant Restaurant!

My Father’s ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ has just got even better with a newly launched ‘Healthy Option’ a la carte menu, which I helped put together.

Our customers can now enjoy not just the renowned signature dishes such as Jeera Chicken or Masala Lamb, but new items which are cooked with olive oil and low fat yoghurt. Existing dishes have also been refined to suit a health-conscious palate.

Long a pioneer in offering Vegetable Keema (soy mince with fresh peas), our range of mouth-watering healthy options include, Tandoori Salmon (mildly spiced chunks of salmon with dill),  Papri Chaat (a delicious crispy snack of chickpeas, tamarind chutney and low fat yoghurt) and mains such as Brilliant’s much-loved Methi Chicken, cooked with olive oil.

Our vegetarian main courses have also been given a makeover. Dal Tarka (yellow lentils cooked with garlic and red chillies), though still retaining its flavour, eschews the traditional method of tempering which would usually leave a layer of fat on top of the dish. Bombay Alu (potatoes cooked with tomatoes and mustard seeds), is also cooked to perfection in a tasty masala, made with minimal fat.

Further healthy attributes come from our greater choice of salads on the menu while ghee (clarified butter) is now only utilised in moderation and even then merely to add flavour. We have also made improvement in presentation with a keen eye to ensure that dishes focus on the main ingredients and their natural colours rather than lashings of fat and oil.

While my dad (Gulu) and grandfather (Kewal) are still overseeing the running of the restaurant, me and my brother Shanker are carrying the restaurant’s success into the future, by introducing new healthy dimension onto the menu and giving the restaurant a totally different ‘look’. I have a strong passion and understanding of Indian food and will continue to bring about changes which are sure to bring even more success for the restaurant in the future.