BTEC Course


By profession, I am also a part time chef lecturer at Thames Valley University and teach the ‘Indian Cuisine’ Module to BTEC students on the International Cuisine Course. I enjoy teaching students how to prepare regional varieties of Indian food and they find it intriguing to experiment making different types of Indian curry, snacks and desserts. I teach the module alongside the Head Chef of Brilliant Restaurant, Jasvinderjit Singh, who assists me in all practical lessons of the module. The students are assessed both on a practical and theoretical level. They must prepare a 3-4 course Indian meal towards the end of the module and present this to industry experts (Indian restaurateurs and key personnel in the trade) who then assess the students on the taste, the flavour, the texture and the presentation of their dishes and give them verbal feedback individually. For their theory assessment, they are asked to complete a theory based informal report based on the trends in Indian cuisine.

At the end of the module all students should be able to:

  • Cook a range of Indian dishes demonstrating confident and effective technical skills
  • Evaluate Indian cuisine in detail (explain the menu structure of Indian cuisine and identify trends)
  • Describe the equipment, commodities and methods used to prepare and cook Indian dishes using relevant terminology
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Indian cuisine (including trends) and identifying and justifying the use of a range of resources
  • Be aware of how cultural aspects have affected the growth and development of Indian cuisine and the hospitality industry